Ichtus Antwerpen


All activities start at 19h30!

Calendar 2018-2019
Date Activity Location Info Pub
25/09/2018 Start activity Vineyard, Lambermontstraat 12 Everybody Welcome! Den Bengel
27/09/2018 StuDay Park Spoor Oost 15:00 verzamelen Ingang
02/10/2018 Gamenight Outpost, Beggaardenstraat 6 Do you own any board games? Bring them! Den Bengel
09/10/2018 Biblestudy 1 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
16/10/2018 Playing pool Pool Planet, Franklin Rooseveltplaats 5 Den Bengel
17/10/2018 Potluck dinner with 2060 Lange Dijkstraat 50 T.B.D.
23/10/2018 Biblestudy 2 Kringkoten More info: see below Den Bengel
30/10/2018 Game night Karel Rogierstraat 8 I love Ichtus T.B.D.
02/11/2018 New member weekend Vliegenstraat Start
04/11/2018 New member weekend Vliegenstraat Einde
06/11/2018 Biblestudy 3 Kringkoten More info: see below Den Bengel
13/11/2018 Worship night Vineyard, Lambermontstraat 12 Den Bengel
14/11/2018 Worship night Ichtus Gent Burgstraat 13 Gent
15/11/2018 Movie night Vliegenstraat 2 The road to Mandalay
20/11/2018 Dance night Den Bengel. Let's dance Den Bengel
27/11/2018 Prayernight Vliegenstraat Let's pray together! T.B.D.
29/11/2018 Study night (in Dutch) Den Bengel The problem of pain Den Bengel
04/12/2018 Biblestudy 4 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
06/12/2018 Dance nigt Sint-Lambertusstraat 38 Practicing your dance skills Den Bengel
08/12/2018 International student day Daytrip to Namur only for international students
11/12/2018 Lecture Merodelei 12-16 Judaism and the church T.B.D.
13/12/2018 Introduction Mark drama Karel Rogierstraat 8 Time for drama
18/12/2018 Biblestudy 5 Kringkoten T.B.D.
19/12/2018 Kerstfeestje Ichtus Leuven Brusselsestraat 165
20/12/2018 Christmas prom Den Bengel Ancient Greek
08/01/2019 New Year's drink T.B.D. T.B.D.
15/01/2019 (Prayernight) T.B.D. Let's pray together! T.B.D.
22/01/2019 (Ice skating) T.B.D. T.B.D.
29/01/2019 (Cantus) T.B.D. More info: see below T.B.D.
05/02/2019 No activity planned
12/02/2019 Biblestudy 6 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
19/02/2019 ALV T.B.D. T.B.D.
26/02/2019 Biblestudy 7 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
05/03/2019 Recreation T.B.D. T.B.D.
08/03/2019 Ichtus Flanders halftime weekend Start
10/03/2019 Ichtus Flanders halftime weekend Einde
12/03/2019 TD T.B.D. T.B.D.
19/03/2019 Lecture 2 T.B.D. T.B.D.
26/03/2019 Biblestudy 8 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
28/03/2019 Study night T.B.D. T.B.D.
02/04/2019 Recreation T.B.D. T.B.D.
08/04/2019 Start midweek T.B.D. Joepie!!
12/04/2019 Einde midweek Weer thuis Ahhh!
23/04/2019 Biblestudy 9 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
30/04/2019 Cantus T.B.D. T.B.D.
07/05/2019 Recreation T.B.D. T.B.D.
14/05/2019 Biblestudy 10 Kringkoten More info: see below T.B.D.
21/05/2019 ALV/stuurgroepoverdracht Weer een nieuw bewind T.B.D.
28/05/2019 Prayernight T.B.D. T.B.D.
04/06/2019 Dancenight T.B.D. T.B.D.
11/06/2019 (Cantus) T.B.D. More info: see below T.B.D.
18/06/2019 (sport) T.B.D. T.B.D.
25/06/2019 BBQ Linkeroever T.B.D.

Bible study

Some of our regular events are the bible study evenings (check our calendar). Those nights we talk about God’s word in small groups all over the city. Every bible study night there is the opportunity to eat together, everybody pitches in on the costs. The bible studies consist of studying the Bible and a pray-and-praise part. Two of those biblestudy-evenings can be used to discuss any theme the group has agreed on. This theme does not necessarily need to be a bible text, it can be anything.

If you would like to join the bible studies but are not yet registered as an official member of Ichtus, please send an e-mail to ichtusantwerpen@gmail.com including your name and address. We will see to it that you are assigned to one of the groups.



Every year Ichtus Antwerpen spends 5 days together at a quiet location, usually in the Ardennen. This week is all about relaxing, bible study and praising God.
You will find pictures of the previous midweeks under photos.


The word cantus is derived from the Latin word ‘cantare’ which means ‘to sing’. This perfectly sums up what we do during a cantus: we sing, to praise God. If you play an instrument and would like to take part in playing at a cantus, please contact us.


At a prayernight we obviously pray together with the entire group or in smaller groups. We pray for ourselves and for each other. This is a way to come to God together, because being a Christian is not a jo0b that someone has to do alone! Usually there is the opportunity to eat together beforehand.



For a few years now we compete in the ASL, which means Antwerp Student League. ASL organises sports competition in Antwerp. We mostly join the field football (ladies and gents) and indoor football. There is a large array of sports you can choose from, if you want some extra information you can surf to www.sportsticker.be where you can also buy the sportsticker you need to join in these sports.


Het Bijbelhuis is a meeting place for Christians from the neighbourhood. This year, like the previous years, Ichtus Antwerpen and het Bijbelhuis will organise a few meals together. It is the perfect chance to meet up and get to know more Christians in the city!
For more info: www.bijbelhuisantwerpen.be