Ichtus Antwerpen



To contact us you can send an e-mail to ichtusantwerpen@gmail.com.Marije will happily help you on your way!

Questions about our Ichtus activities are most likely to be answered in our weekly e-mail. Interested in receiving this e-mail? Send us an e-mail to include your e-mail address! Any other questions about other Ichtusgroups or organisations; feel free to send an e-mail. Also, we kindly direct you to their site, to get some information immediately. You can find the direction to these sites under links.

Our Facebookpage is another medium through which we keep you updated: Ichtus Antwerpen
On Facebook you can also find our group, again look up “Ichtus Antwerpen” and ask to join! This group is where we post extra information on Ichtus and direct questions to our members.