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Become a member

When you like to join Ichtus, this does not only mean that you want to commit to our student group, but also that you will support us financially. This simply means that you pay subscription, of which we pay rent for locations, food and drinks, activities, lecturers et cetera. What are the advantages of joining Ichtus? When you join us, you’ll get discount for our activities throughout the year. If you doubt whether to join or not you can choose to pay subscription for only half a year when you are a new member. You can transfer the money to the account below. If transferring is not possible, you can also give the subscription in cash to our fiscus. Signing in is possible on the first activity of the year. Send an email to ichtusantwerpen@gmail.com for more information about this activity or check our Facebook page or Instagram. If you cannot attend the first activity or you want to subscribe for the second part of the year, you can register through our online registration form.

New members weekend

Ichtus has no introduction week or hazing. We do have a buddy system with which we couple a new member with an older member. Buddies can help the new members to feel welcome at Ichtus. When you sign in as new member, there will be several invitations to come eat or drink something with a few members of Ichtus to meet each other and tell about Ichtus and Antwerp. After a few weeks there will be a New members weekend. This weekend is special for new members so they can be welcomed at Ichtus. This weekend is, beside new member, also for the other members so that everyone can meet each other. During this weekend there will be a small nice startup to make the new members real ‘ichtianen’. Go to ‘Activities’ -> ‘Calendar’ to see the date of the New members weekend.


For subscription we ask an amount between €30,- and €50,-. If you have transferred the subscription and you have signed in at the first activity or by filling in the registration form, you are full member. The standard is at €40,- and we ask you to take this as a directive. When you have less money to spend, it is okay to transfer €30,- and this too is enough to be full-fledged member. When you financially want to support Ichtus, you can also pay €50,-.

In conclusion

Subscription for one year: €30,- till €50,- with as directive €40,-.
Subscription for half a year, only for new members: €15,- till €25,- with as directive €20,-.


You are a only member if you have signed in AND have paid.

Bank account number

NL66 RABO 0364 1099 98
In the name of: C.J. STRIJK

Online registration form

You can sign up as a member of Ichtus Antwerp by filling in and sending this online registration form. We are already looking forward to meet you!

Receive the weekly mail

Would you like to be kept informed of the activities? Send us an email (ichtusantwerpen@gmail.com) Or leave your details here! You will receive a weekly email with all the information!